Caleb Mclaughlin's Girlfriend: Everything You Need To Know


Caleb McLaughlin, the young and talented American actor, is best known for his role as Lucas Sinclair in the Netflix science-fiction-horror TV series Stranger Things. As he continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, many fans are curious about his personal life, particularly his love life. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Caleb McLaughlin’s girlfriend, including who she is, how they met, and what their relationship is like.

Who is Caleb McLaughlin’s Girlfriend?

Caleb McLaughlin is currently dating a young woman named Amelie. Not much is known about her, as she prefers to keep a low profile and stay out of the public eye. However, from what we do know, she is a student and a fellow actor.

How Did Caleb McLaughlin and Amelie Meet?

It is not clear how Caleb McLaughlin and Amelie first met, but it is possible that they met through their shared passion for acting. As both actors, they may have crossed paths at auditions or acting classes. Alternatively, they may have met through mutual friends or at social events.

What is Caleb McLaughlin’s Relationship Like?

Caleb McLaughlin and Amelie have been dating for a while now, but they have kept their relationship very private. They rarely make public appearances together and do not share much about their relationship on social media. However, it is clear that they are very close and supportive of each other’s careers.

Are Caleb McLaughlin and Amelie Serious?

It is not clear how serious Caleb McLaughlin and Amelie’s relationship is, as they have not shared many details about it. However, they have been together for a while now, which suggests that their relationship is going well. They both seem to be focused on their careers at the moment, but they may be considering a more serious commitment in the future.

What Else Should You Know About Caleb McLaughlin’s Girlfriend?

As mentioned earlier, not much is known about Amelie, as she keeps a low profile. However, here are a few interesting facts about her:

1. She is a Student

Amelie is currently studying at college, although it is not clear what she is studying. It is likely that she is pursuing a degree in acting or a related field.

2. She is an Actor

Like Caleb McLaughlin, Amelie is also an actor. She has appeared in a few small roles in TV shows and movies, although she is not yet as well-known as her boyfriend. It is possible that we will see more of her in the future as her career progresses.

3. She Values Privacy

Amelie is clearly someone who values her privacy. She does not share much about her personal life on social media and does not make many public appearances. This is understandable, given that she is still a student and is not yet as well-known as Caleb McLaughlin.


Caleb McLaughlin’s girlfriend, Amelie, is a young and talented actor who prefers to keep a low profile. Although not much is known about her, it is clear that she and Caleb McLaughlin are very close and supportive of each other’s careers. As Caleb McLaughlin continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, we can expect to see more of him and, perhaps, his girlfriend in the future.