Derry Girls Season 3 Netflix Release Date: What We Know So Far

The Phenomenon That Is Derry Girls

If you haven’t watched Derry Girls yet, then you’re missing out. The show, which first aired in 2018, quickly became a hit with audiences all over the world. Set in the 1990s in Northern Ireland, it follows the lives of a group of teenage girls and their families as they navigate their way through the Troubles.

The show’s success is due in no small part to its fantastic cast, which includes Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Nicola Coughlan, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, Dylan Llewellyn, and Louisa Harland. Their performances are hilarious, heartwarming, and always relatable.

What Is Season 3 Going To Be About?

So far, we don’t know much about what’s going to happen in season 3 of Derry Girls. This is partly because the show’s creator, Lisa McGee, is notoriously tight-lipped about plot details. However, we can make some educated guesses based on what’s happened in previous seasons.

For one thing, we can expect to see more of the same hilarious antics from the girls and their families. Whether they’re trying to sneak into a Take That concert or protesting against a new chip shop, there’s never a dull moment in Derry.

We can also expect to see the show continue to explore the complexities of life during the Troubles. While the show is primarily a comedy, it never shies away from the difficult realities of living in a divided community.

When Will Season 3 Be Released?

So, when can we expect to see season 3 of Derry Girls on Netflix? Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact release date yet. In fact, we don’t even know for sure if the show has been renewed for a third season.

However, there are some clues that suggest we won’t have to wait too much longer. For one thing, the show has been a massive success for Netflix, so it’s in their best interest to keep making more episodes. Additionally, the cast and crew have hinted in interviews that they’re keen to continue the story.

Assuming that season 3 does get the green light, we can make some guesses about when it might be released. The first season of Derry Girls premiered in January 2018, and the second season came out in March 2019. If the show sticks to a similar schedule, we could see season 3 sometime in early 2022.

What Can We Expect From Season 3?

While we don’t know much about the plot of season 3 yet, we can speculate about what might happen based on where season 2 left off. In the final episode of the season, the girls and their families attended a peace concert, where they were confronted with the reality of how much has changed since the height of the Troubles.

One theory is that season 3 could explore what happens when the characters start to realize that their world is changing in ways they never expected. Will Erin and her friends continue to be rebels, or will they start to settle down and accept the new status quo? Will the adults in their lives be able to adapt to the changing times, or will they hold onto old grudges and prejudices?

The Bottom Line

While we don’t have all the details yet, one thing is clear: fans of Derry Girls have a lot to look forward to. Whether you’re a die-hard fan who’s been following the show since the beginning, or you’re a newcomer who’s just discovering the series now, season 3 promises to be just as hilarious, heartwarming, and thought-provoking as the first two seasons.

So, mark your calendars (or at least keep an eye on Netflix’s release schedule), and get ready to return to the world of Derry Girls.