Does Myq Work With Google Home

Does Myq Work With Google Home

Does myQ Work with Google Home? Unlocking Smart Home Convenience

In today’s digital age, smart home technology is becoming increasingly prevalent. With voice assistants like Google Home gaining popularity, homeowners are looking for ways to integrate their appliances and devices into their smart home ecosystems. If you’re wondering if your myQ garage door opener works with Google Home, you’re in the right place.

myQ and Google Home: A Perfect Pair for Smart Home Automation

myQ is a leading provider of smart garage door openers and accessories. Their products allow you to control your garage door remotely from your smartphone or tablet. By connecting myQ to Google Home, you can take your smart home automation to the next level by using voice commands to open and close your garage door.

Setting Up myQ with Google Home

Setting up myQ with Google Home is a straightforward process. Here’s how to do it:

  • Download the myQ app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Create an account or sign in if you already have one.
  • Connect your myQ garage door opener to the app.
  • Open the Google Home app on your phone or tablet.
  • Tap the “+” icon in the top left corner and select “Set up device.”
  • Select “Works with Google” and find myQ in the list.
  • Follow the prompts to link your myQ account to Google Home.

Once you’ve completed the setup, you can start using voice commands to control your garage door. Simply say “Okay Google, open the garage door” or “Hey Google, close the garage door.”

Additional Features and Benefits

In addition to basic open and close commands, myQ integrated with Google Home offers various other features and benefits:

  • Voice Control Notifications: Receive real-time notifications when your garage door opens or closes.
  • Remote Access: Control your garage door from anywhere using the myQ app or your Google Assistant.
  • Schedule Automation: Set up automated schedules to open or close your garage door at specific times.
  • Safety Enhancements: Monitor the status of your garage door and receive alerts if it’s left open.

Tips and Expert Advice

  • Use a Strong Wi-Fi Connection: Ensure your myQ hub and Google Home device have a stable Wi-Fi connection for smooth operation.
  • Clear Obstacles: Remove any obstructions around your garage door to prevent it from getting stuck.
  • Test Regularly: Regularly test your myQ-Google Home integration to ensure everything is working as expected.
  • Check for Updates: Keep both the myQ app and Google Home app updated to access the latest features and security patches.


  • Q: Does every myQ garage door opener work with Google Home?
    A: Most myQ garage door openers manufactured after 2017 are compatible with Google Home.

  • Q: Can I control my garage door if I’m not home?
    A: Yes, you can use the myQ app or Google Assistant app to control your garage door remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Q: Does myQ integration with Google Home require a subscription?
    A: No, you don’t need a subscription to use the basic features of myQ with Google Home. However, certain premium features, such as cloud storage for video recordings, may require a subscription.


myQ and Google Home are a powerful duo that empowers you to control your garage door effortlessly and securely. By following the simple setup process and using our expert tips, you can unlock the convenience and peace of mind that comes with voice-activated garage door control.

Are you interested in integrating myQ with Google Home to enhance your smart home experience?