How To Remove Devices From Family Link

How To Remove Devices From Family Link

How to Remove Devices from Family Link

As a parent, managing your children’s screen time and online activities can be a daunting task. Family Link, a helpful tool developed by Google, empowers parents to monitor and guide their children’s digital lives. However, as devices evolve and circumstances change, you may find it necessary to remove a device from Family Link. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the steps involved in removing devices from Family Link, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s take a moment to revisit the importance of family digital safety in today’s tech-savvy world. In an era where children’s lives are increasingly intertwined with technology, it’s crucial for parents to strike a balance between fostering digital literacy and safeguarding their well-being. Family Link plays a vital role in creating a nurturing and responsible digital environment for children, allowing parents to set limits, track locations, and monitor online activity.

Unlinking a Device from Family Link

Step 1: Sign in to your Family Link account and select the child’s profile whose device you want to remove.

Step 2: Click on the “Settings” tab and scroll down to the “Devices” section.

Step 3: Find the device you want to remove and click on the three dots next to it.

Step 4: Select “Unlink device” from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Confirm your action by clicking on the “Unlink” button.

Additional Tips and Expert Advice

Here are some additional tips and expert advice to ensure a smooth device removal process:

  • Communicate with your child: Before removing a device, it’s essential to inform your child and explain your reasons. Open and honest communication fosters trust and understanding.
  • Check for pending updates: Occasionally, unlinking a device can trigger software updates. Ensure your child’s device is connected to Wi-Fi and fully updated to avoid any interruptions during the process.
  • Reset the device (optional): If you encounter any issues or the device remains linked after unlinking, consider resetting the device to factory settings. This will erase all data and settings, so back up important information beforehand.
  • Seek support from Family Link: The Family Link support team is available to assist you with any technical difficulties or questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help.

FAQs on Removing Devices from Family Link

  1. Q: Can I remove a device from Family Link remotely? A: Yes, you can remove devices remotely as long as you have an active internet connection and are signed in to your Family Link account.
  2. Q: What happens to the data on the device after I remove it from Family Link? A: Removing a device from Family Link does not delete the data on the device. The data remains accessible to the child unless you manually delete it or reset the device.
  3. Q: Can I link the device back to Family Link after removing it? A: Yes, you can relink the device to Family Link at any time by following the setup process again.
  4. Q: What if I can’t find the device in the Family Link app? A: If the device is turned off or not connected to the internet, you won’t be able to find it in the Family Link app. Try turning on the device and connecting it to Wi-Fi to locate it.


Managing your children’s digital lives can be a complex task, but it’s essential for their safety and well-being. Family Link provides parents with a valuable tool to monitor, guide, and protect their children’s online activities. Removing devices from Family Link is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few simple steps. Follow the instructions outlined in this guide, and you’ll be able to successfully unlink devices and maintain a healthy balance between digital freedom and responsible supervision.

If you found this article helpful, please consider sharing it with other parents who may benefit from this information. I encourage you to stay updated on the latest technological advancements and best practices for family digital safety. Remember, open and honest communication with your children is key to fostering a positive and responsible approach to technology in your family.