Lil Kelpy Real Name – The Rising Star Of The Music Industry


Lil Kelpy is an emerging rapper, singer, and songwriter who has taken the music industry by storm. He has amassed a huge following on social media and his music videos have millions of views on YouTube. However, many fans are still unaware of Lil Kelpy’s real name. In this article, we will reveal Lil Kelpy’s real name and dive into his journey to stardom.

Early Life

Lil Kelpy was born in 2002 in California, United States. His real name is Kevin Lewis. He was raised in a low-income family and had to face many challenges in his early life. However, he had a passion for music from a young age and started writing songs when he was just 12 years old.

Music Career

Lil Kelpy started his music career by uploading his original songs on SoundCloud. He gained a small following and was noticed by a few record labels. However, he decided to stay independent and continued to release music on his own. He released his first EP in 2018 titled “Kelpy’s World” which received positive reviews from critics.

Rise to Fame

Lil Kelpy gained mainstream attention in 2019 with his hit song “Kelpy Gang”. The song went viral on TikTok and was played at several parties and clubs. It was also featured on popular YouTube channels, which helped Lil Kelpy gain more fans. He continued to release more music, including his debut album “Kelpy’s Kingdom” which was released in 2020.

Personal Life

Lil Kelpy likes to keep his personal life private. However, he has mentioned in interviews that he is a big fan of anime and video games. He also loves to travel and has been to several countries around the world.

Music Style

Lil Kelpy’s music style is a mix of hip-hop, trap, and R&B. He is known for his catchy hooks and relatable lyrics. His music often talks about his struggles and how he overcame them. He has also collaborated with other artists, such as Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty.

Impact on the Music Industry

Lil Kelpy has had a significant impact on the music industry, especially among young listeners. His music has inspired many aspiring artists to pursue their dreams and not give up on their goals. He has also shown that being independent can be just as successful as being signed to a record label.

Tips for Aspiring Artists

If you’re an aspiring artist, here are some tips from Lil Kelpy: 1. Believe in yourself and your talent 2. Don’t be afraid to be different 3. Stay true to yourself and your music 4. Consistency is key – keep releasing music 5. Utilize social media to promote your music and connect with fans


Lil Kelpy, also known as Kevin Lewis, is a rising star in the music industry. He has achieved success at a young age and has inspired many aspiring artists to pursue their dreams. With his unique music style and relatable lyrics, Lil Kelpy is sure to continue dominating the charts and gaining more fans around the world.