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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Deck on a Cruise Ship

When planning a cruise vacation, selecting the right deck can greatly enhance your overall experience. Whether you seek tranquility, adventure, or a blend of both, choosing the optimal deck is crucial. This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know about cruise ship decks, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences.

Deck Types and Locations

Cruise ships offer a diverse range of decks, each serving a specific purpose. Deck types typically include:

  • Passenger Decks: These decks house staterooms, public areas, and amenities for passengers. They are typically located in the central part of the ship.
  • Service Decks: Located below the passenger decks, service decks accommodate crew quarters, engine rooms, and storage areas.
  • Open Decks: Open decks provide unobstructed views of the surroundings, perfect for sunbathing, socializing, or taking in the scenery. These decks are usually located on the upper levels of the ship.

Finding the Right Deck for Your Needs

1. Relaxation and Serenity

If peace and quiet are your priorities, seek decks located away from noisy areas such as pool decks and entertainment venues. Choose decks at the front or back of the ship for a serene ambiance.

2. Action and Adventure

For those seeking an active and exhilarating experience, decks with swimming pools, water slides, and sports courts are ideal. Look for open decks with plenty of space for running or playing games.

3. Sunbathing and Scenic Views

If basking in the sun and admiring the surrounding views are your goals, choose decks with ample lounge chairs and unobstructed sightlines. Upper decks or open decks facing the ocean offer the best sunlight and views.

Latest Trends and Developments

Cruise lines are continuously innovating to enhance deck experiences. Some recent trends include:

  • Virtual Reality Zones: Open decks now feature virtual reality experiences, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in interactive simulations.
  • Interactive Water Features: Water slides and pools are becoming more sophisticated, with interactive elements such as LED lights and sound effects.
  • Open-Air Lounges: Encased in glass or open to the elements, these lounges provide panoramic views while protecting passengers from wind and weather.

Tips for Choosing the Best Deck

  • Consider your preferences: Determine what activities and amenities you prioritize during your cruise.
  • Research the ship’s deck plan: Study the deck plan before booking your stateroom to visualize deck locations and amenities.
  • Read reviews and ask questions: Seek feedback from previous passengers and consult with travel agents or cruise line staff.
  • Visit the ship in port: If possible, take a tour of the ship before your cruise to experience the decks firsthand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best deck for families?
A: Decks with pools, slides, and kids’ clubs are ideal for families.

Q: How can I find a quiet deck?
A: Decks located at the front or back of the ship, away from entertainment venues, offer solitude.

Q: What deck is best for sunbathing?
A: Upper decks or open decks with plenty of lounge chairs provide optimal sunlight.


Choosing the right deck on a cruise ship is crucial for maximizing your vacation experience. By considering your preferences, researching the ship’s deck plan, and seeking expert advice, you can select the deck that perfectly aligns with your needs and desires. So, set sail with confidence, knowing that you have chosen the best deck to make your cruise unforgettable.

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